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Complicated at best and constantly frustrating, regardless of where you live. I continue to believe that choice matters here. Private, public, self-directed, housing, employment supports..the choice should be ours (individuals with disabilities and their families) and govt money shouldn't be tied to a particular way of living or doing things. The ability to individualize supports for a well-lived life is a civil right, isn't it?

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Well said, Kris.

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It works a bit differently in California, but the outcome is about the same. The government programs are all designed for the high-needs population. Parents can go with the self-determination program to help customize things with their child.

As far as education, we have to support the new models being launched. Microschools and self-directed learning centers show a lot of promise for neurodivergent kids. I don't want to end free public schooling. My hope is that public schools will see the success of these models and bring them into our schools. We can always use more options to suit children's and families’ needs.

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